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Limelight Classic Productions are delighted to welcome book lovers of all genres to experience our delightful mix of old, new, rare and treasured editions. Included in our varied range are a special collection of Children’s Classics - just waiting for new owners to love and cherish them.


We also offer a range of titles published in house by ‘Limelight’, together with details of our exclusive one day ‘Write Beside The Sea’ writing courses.



'Football Passion in Black and White' is dedicated to the wonderful fans of Newcastle United. Packed with photos and individual stories of the fans following their beloved team. An absolutely fantastic present for any black and white supporter. Published October 2015.


Hot off the Press! ‘Rainbows in April’ by Moya Mayo, is our latest in-house publication, produced in August 2013.


‘Rainbows in April’ is set in 1944 and Rose Bamber is a young woman determined to serve King and Country in the effort to win the war. A fast moving story of life, love, heartache and desire, amid the harsh reality of wartime Britain.


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  • Classic Literature

    Delve into the hidden delights of our classic collection of literary treats, whether it’s the Sonnets of Shakespeare or stories of C S Forester….take a step inside.

  • History and the World Wars

    The classic stories of how history and wars have shaped future generations. Kings and Queens, Churchill and Hitler, warships and heroes………all waiting here.

  • Children’s Classics

    Books to delight for our special little ones. Castles and kings, magical wings, tales of yore and lots, lots more.

  • Writing and Publishing

    Unlock the secrets of how to write your best seller! Write with love, write with passion – the books are here to make it happen........

  • Celebrity and Sporting Biographies

    Find your favourite sporting heroes and stars of stage and screen. Take them home - our magic mix of celebrities and sporting legends just waiting to meet you.

  • Travel and Adventure

    Your passport to our big, wide world. Dig deep to find hidden treasures, some rare and some very collectable.

  • Crime, Mystery and Thriller

    Crime, mystery and thriller - an exciting mix of truth and fiction. A dream of a page for super sleuths ...

  • Home and Garden

    A treasure trove of treats for all tastes. Classic dishes and gourmet delights from around the world – begin here for starters........

  • Fifty Shades of Limelight

    A sensual journey through the  mountains and hills of passion - spiced with  love, heartfelt desire, and risqué fun and frolics. All in the best possible taste……

  • Art for Art's sake

    Join us on a magic journey and explore artistic and musical delights........