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stuart and new writerA wonderful day was had by all who attended the latest event at the picturesque Fort House on a beautiful, Autumn day in October 2013. Literature is full of such locations - grand country manors by the sea with views to die for - and Fort House is the perfect setting for a writing course, with its amazing views across the North Sea. Roger Harvey is an excellent tutor, passing on the wisdom of a lifetime's real world writing experience, and Angela Stanger-Leathes is the gracious hostess. The course attracts an eclectic guest list; atttendees included an interpreter, a senior medical consultant, an accountant, a journalist, a sex therapist and a scientist.


The morning session is about the creative process and how to push the boundaries of imagination, style, structure and story types. Lunch is a delightful selection of beef, chicken or tofu and an exquisite selection of puddings. Conversation flows as easily as the wine, as guests become more intimately acquainted, sharing ideas and personal writing journeys. The afternoon session contains invaluable, hard won advice on how to overcome 'writer's block' and the importance of writing magazines. More practical advice follows and the creative juices really start to flow. An accountant's guide to keeping on the right side of the taxman, continues the prosaic theme of the afternoon, before Roger's 3 part guide to beating the aforementioned 'block' and completing any project. It is advice worth the course fee alone and instils the belief, borne out of Roger's conviction and proven by his ever growing list of titles, that it does actually work. Later. the writers head off into the night having enjoyed a day full of learning and sensuous delights, yet, most importantly, with renewed determination and the tools to turn their literary dreams to reality.


Written by Stuart Latimer, sports journalist and course attendee.


Roger's book 'The Writing Business' is available here on our website.

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